When: 03/2023
Where: Akeah Hotel, Madrid

A collective exhibition organized by Hotel Akeah in Madrid featured three artists, each with their own artistic language and message to communicate: Claudia Montedoro, Fraules (Vanessa Santos) and Begoña Ferández-Castaño.

The subject of the exhibition is the female figure in the art world and the exploration of feminism through artistic language. On the opening day, March 8 2023, Women’s Day, the three artists hosted a symposium, with subsequent discussion with the audience, on the various aspects of being a woman and an artist in the contemporary world. At the end of the exhibition, the artists were subjected to an interview where they talk about where their relationship with art comes and and what is their approach to drawing and painting (link of Claudia Montedoro’s interview: ).

Claudia Montedoro’s selected works for the exhibition is a series in which we find, on the one hand, images that give prominence to female characters, each with their own personality and message to communicate, and, on the other hand, illustrations focused on the artist’s everyday life and personal experiences. The result is a heterogeneous miscellany of vibrant colors and warm tones, conveying to the viewer concepts such as sensitivity and vulnerability but also strength and courage.

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