Nice to meet you.

I am Claudia Montedoro, an architect and illustrator currently based in Madrid, Spain.

I am originally from Italy, more precisely from Palermo, Sicily, and, after some study abroad experiences, I graduated in Architecture in the University of Florence in 2017.


Since 2017 I have been working as an architect, first for several architectural firms and, later and until today, as a freelancer, carrying out projects both personal and in collaboration with other firms/professionals, in Spain and Italy.

In 2023, after several years of shared work, experiences and friendship, together with architects Sebastian Benzoni and Gianluca Ricciolini we decide to found the architecture studio NOM-A Lab (link in the future), which brings together our ideals and vision of architecture.

I am currently working on some personal projects, including one for the construction of the new Papa Giovanni XXIII school in Trani, Italy (start of construction in 2024), which was awarded first prize in a public competition, and others in collaboration with studios in Madrid and Venice.

Prizes and recognitions:

  • 2023: 1st Prize in the design competition for the demolition and reconstruction of the Papa Giovanni XXIII School in Trani, Italy
  • 2018: 3rd Prize in the design competition Habitat for Inhabitants – Lima’s Humans Right to Housing in Lima, Perù


Besides architecture, another of my great passions is illustration. In this case, I did not follow a proper course of study but learned self-taught. Since childhood I had shown my interest in painting and drawing but then, for many years, I had to put it aside. It was during the quarantine of 2020 that art drawing and I reconciled, when I opened the Instagram account My Drawing Quarantine ( where, every day during 2 months, I posted a prompt that people from all over the world, including myself, interpreted and represented in their own way. Since then, I never stopped drawing.

One of my dreams is to be able to do illustrations for editorial projects. I am intrigued and fascinated by the world of illustrated books and magazines, but for now, I currently work on private commissions and personal projects.

I have had the pleasure of being able to show my work to the public during some exhibitions I have been invited to and, since 2022, I have been organizing an activity, free and open to everyone, named Desayunos Ilustrados , which consists of monthly meetings in different cafes in Madrid during which we have breakfast, chat and draw.

Art Exhibitions:

  • 2023: collective exhibition Violetta – Hotel Akeah in Madrid, Spain
  • 2022: personal exhibition Fàula: tales and legend of Sicily – Sara Caso Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain
  • 2022: collective exhibition The Extraordinary of the Ordinary – Sala Siroco in Madrid, Spain